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by TwistedMetaI_, 2 days ago

Let Those Freak Flags Fly (Again)!


Captains! Ready to go another round with your signal flags? Get a chance at some cool prizes just for flying your favorite flags!


Starts Mar. 15, 17:00 PT (20:00 ET)
Ends Mar. 17, 16:59 PT (19:59 ET)


How It Works:



  •  Play any battle type with ships of Tier V and above with signal flags mounted.
  • Every 15 signal flags "spent" will earn one chance at receiving a prize (30 signals = 2 chances, and so on).
  • Prizes are limited to one per account. 
  • In total 3,050 winners will be determined at random on the NA server. Winners will be annouced on Mar. 21!




The following items will be awarded randomly among players who have spent 15 signal flags or more over the weekend:


x50  VIII Roma + Commander with 10 skill points

x3,000 10 "Type 6" camouflage 

(Provides 3% to surface detectability range, +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship, +100%


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Large-Caliber T-34-3

by TwistedMetaI_, 2 days ago

Low silhouette—check. A solid turret—available. The 122 mm “destructor” gun—mounted. And a stylish machine gun for a finishing touch—attached. The new Premium VIII T-34-3 is combat-ready!

 T-34-3 containers are available in the in-game Store until 30 March. Take your chance to get the T-34-3 Premium tank and many other rewards. For now, this is the only way to own this new vehicle.

More about the T-34-3

Like the famous Type 59, the new T-34-3 Premium tank is one of the numerous modifications of the T-54 medium tank. These Chinese vehicles inherited from their Soviet predecessor their perfect configuration, sloped armor, and a turret that can easily bounce shots.

When talking about the T-34-3, we cannot avoid comparing it with the Type 59—its companion of the same nation, class, and tier. These two Premium Chinese tanks have almost the same maneuverability: both vehicles feature 520 hp and their weight differs by only 0.5 tons.

The T-34-3 has weaker armor, but its armament is much more powerful than that of the Type 59. The latter has a fast-firing gun with an average damage of 280 HP, while the T-34-3 boasts a powerful 122 mm gun with high single-shot damage, but a long reload. This gun aims very quickly, you will not have to stand still for long in order to make a shot. And each of your shots will inflict significant damage to the enemy and bring a considerable amount of credits to you.


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St Pattys day camo

by TwistedMetaI_, 2 days ago

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